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WWE 2K15 Download Free Torrent

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WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 finally arrived on PC, have been consoles since October. The computer version adds all downloadable content for a game package, so it has little value. But the delay between releases is harmful to the nickname of this port?

Sky cover

WWE fans will probably know the story behind this game. The hope was that, with the 2K Sports on board, the franchise revised a very agardadosería. All-new animation, voices and character models were in the centerWant this renewal.

Unfortunately, this has not received some fans of the wwe. By purchasing 2K Sports visual concepts (developers of their NBA titles) to give the game a good polish and face lift, but at the ruin. The result is a game that looks good until you start playing. Now it’s not the wrong way to play 2K15 WWE as WWE 2K14, the problem is that the fans were expecting.

Having said that, this new version adds some new gameplay twists to whatCan indicate the direction of future improvements. This includes mechanical gripper (which normally only occurs at the start of a fight), which participated in a mini-game-paper-scissor-rock style. This is followed by interacting with the more delicate peace dereitopara, the sweet spot faster than your opponent, creating a beautiful, exciting thrill. Sounds good if you are a spectator, but as fast player you have to earn a lot of liquid and return thisCreates.

From there, and as usual. Exactly the same claw strike, mechanical counter are all game is still asking fans of the franchise timing patient to know and love. Funcionaxeralmente good against some opponents in a speed boost and control of the pace of the game.


However, it takes some time to start seeing problems. The site is running a movement, suffering unbelievable Super Star, how to fight more than oneOpponent will block you often wrong. Sometimes this is just an inconvenience, but if you go for a pin and instead of another competitor, you can lose one.

My real complaint about WWE 2K15 is what’s missing in this statement about 2K14, or the release of the previous console.

2K14 considered a single player campaign that lasted 29 years for Wrestlemaina in preparation for Wrestlemania 30. This year has been replaced by two rivalidadestorylines fashion: Collecting and DegenerationX and CM Scene Punks folding tape. This works well if you are a fan of one of these characters, but the icons are missing the game last year, which results in an experience solo weaker. Fortunately, if you just finished the career mode through Dege leather alloy development WWEs NXT play is a bit here.

The other special way WWE 2K 15 is absent, the manufacturer historia.Menterres I rarely had the patient before seeing creatures from other people will be lost (mod community,At least, is in your hands).

My last problem is that WWE 2K15, at the moment, because they introduced the console, do not have any significant movements in their stories. It appears that such strange characters in the game are incorrectly positioned relative to the current status. Take Cesaro, receiving a score of 93 (one of the highest in the game), but the division is actualmenteindulxencia tag team with Tyson Kidd. The only advantage is that CM Punk is still making an appearance. Straight edge fans knowledgeTo take this is probably the last time it appears in a game of WWE Roster.

Player B

The biggest sin is that WWE 2K15 took half in the first place. I suspect most fans happy with finalanos visuals, and more energy to enter and animation modes would be. This makes it possible to look the same game as last year – just look better. Having said that, maybe 2K Games will claim next year the way they started to follow. Various new achievementsRecord can give a long way to live the character models visually impressive have been watched in the game this year.

And maybe next year, poidamosvexa versionPC launches fashion. Please?

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